Christ Whilmore is called Scarface amongst his friends. In a fire, his brother was killed and he was the only one that could be saved by a firefighter. That happened during his childhood in the 1990’s in Hurrisonburgh, Virginia, a small town on the east coast of the United States. Harrisonburg was a crack town back then. After Chris quit drugs, him and his friend Craven startet boxing in Chris’s backyard. "That was the only way to not constantly think of the drug.“

A friend asked him, looking for a place to have a fight without weapons, to solve a conflict that usually would end up with people seriously injured or killed. Chris and Craven took the initiative to start Street Beef.

Ever since many people gather on weekends in his backyard to be spectators of Street Beef. "Put down the guns, put on the gloves“, is their slogan and gets more than 10.000 viewers on their youtube channel. If you ask Chris if he is doing the work of a social worker, he says: "Call me whatever you want! I just want to change stuff, make Harrisonburgh a safe place. However you call me, I don’t care!.

USA, 2016